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Pictory Review

Pictory Review

Pictory Review

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Pictory Review is an in-depth knowledge of the content curation tool that uses artificial intelligence to create short videos based on the articles you choose. Using Pictory AI, you have the ability to convert long-form content into engaging, digestible videos, which you can share on a wide range of social media platforms. With pictory’s tools, marketers can generate hundreds of short videos in minutes by simply choosing what they want their audience to see.

How does it work?

There are 4 ways to make your content come alive with video

Article to Video –

The Article to Video allows you to copy-paste any article or blog into a video format. In order to generate a specific video suited for a particular sentence, the software uses highlighted keywords selected by AI to produce a specific video.

Pro’s –

There is also one major benefit you can get using the AI models. You can now convert long-form articles into videos automatically, as well as insert images from the blog wherever they are needed.

Con’s –

You cannot select to highlight particular text as per your comfort as AI will choose the text on your behalf. Then it will actually be a helpful thing if you are not planning to put a lot of effort into a very long article. This is because you can later change the visuals.

Script to Video –

The script to video allows you to type your own content in the software, then automatically assign words or phrases that will be highlighted as keywords that are searched. If you just want to convert a small paragraph into a video then this option is best for you.

Visuals To Videos –

In order to turn a series of images into a video, you can drop different images on the screen.

A video can also be edited using features such as selecting the sequence and other editing features.

Editing Videos with Voice using Text –

It is really amazing that you can edit videos by transcribing them into text while editing them with this app. Then, you can delete the parts of the text you don’t want to be embedded in the video.

Additional Features

Adding creativity to your videos with Pictory – Pictory offers creative tools such as changing the music that runs in the background of the video, adding voices/your own voice to the background, adding title cards on any part of the video, and changing themes on any part of the video.

Other features include –

Subtitles are automatically added to videos

Subtitles can be exported as text files

Adding a logo on your video

Make video clips shorter by trimming them

Introduce and end with branded intros and outros

Transitions between scenes to another scene

Automatic selection of visuals and audio

Music tracks in a premium library

There is a wide selection of music and voiceover options available to you.

You can upload your own visuals and music tracks to the site, or you can record or upload your own voiceovers.

Alternatively, you could make use of text-to-speech software that uses different voices to get the voiceover.

Pictory Review : Conclusion

This is a helpful app to make videos for social media. The process is as easy as editing a document, adding captions to videos automatically, and converting webinar and long-form content.

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